What we DO?

Magal IT Consulting provides consulting services in aligning information technology with business process innovation, security systems design and implementation, integration and deployment of customized IT systems to meet new business and security requirements. We help our customers to


CITeXchange System solutions are being developed and implemented by our team along more than 10 years. We provide our customers with unique methods and web-based solutions for bridging and facilitating cooperation in the areas of international trade and e-commerce, development programs formulation, technology/manufacturing transfer, joint venturing and grant aid assistance.

We Provide What Makes Sense

From the very beginning, most of start-up businesses do not consider purchasing costly software licenses to enhance their business opportunities and work efficiency using the Internet. This is the case when we can help our clients to find the most relevant free open source web solutions.

We provide our clients with training services to enable solving minor inconveniences and problems on their own and minimize their consulting expenses.

Executive Consulting Services

For high level executives it is always important to know, if information technology greatly contributes to profit generation. They want to be sure that they have reasonably sufficient IT and human resources that are efficiently aligned with company's overall business goals and priorities to achieve the planned profit margin, what is especially important in the slow economy conditions. Advisory support is being provided by advisors having 10 and more years of working experience in the area of IT systems development.

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